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If you wish to contact me regarding my work at the University of Nebraska-Lincol, please see my biography page at the Jeffrey S Raikes School of Computer Science and Management for contact details.

If you have any comments regarding my web site, my blog, or you wish to communicate with privacy and confidentiality in mind, you may use the email address below.

If you wish to encrypt your email, you can find my current public GPG key here. My GPG key is rotated annually, so please validate your copy on a regular basis. To learn more about email encryption with GnuPG, visit the Free Software Foundation Email Self Defense web site.

Please note that, in keeping with halakha, I do not respond to any digital communications during Shabbat and holy days that carry similar restrictions on activities, as I do not use a computer during these times.

All unsolicited attempts to sell products or services to me shall be ignored. I will not purchase non-free software, nor do I have any desire to sign up to a "service as a software substitute" that will harvest my data for resale to the highest bidder.