As elucidated within this colophon, this web site is powered entirely by free software.

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This web site is written in multiple languages, depending on which subdomain you are currently visiting. Parts of this web site are built in Java, Haskell, and Perl, using tools or libraries such as JBake, Hakyll, and Dancer2.

Where possible, all web sites are valid XHTML 1.0 Strict or HTML 5 as well as valid CSS 3. No part of this web site uses JavaScript. Many components of this web site are available as free software via my git repositories; where such software is not made readily available, it is because it is trivial or otherwise not meaningful - see how to choose a license for your own work at the GNU Project web site for more information on this distinction.

Much of the design of this web site is inspired by other web sites. For instance, the "white mode" colour scheme of this web site is inspired by the GNU HTML manual design. A good example of this design can be found within the GNU Make manual. Whilst it would be nearly impossible to track down and name every source of inspiration for this web site, I would like to express sincere gratitude to all of the hackers and designers who inadvertently served as my muses.

The source code is written and maintained with GNU Emacs using Doom, running on Trisquel GNU/Linux. Occasional edits are performed with Vim live on the web server. The web server itself is a combination of Caddy and Starman running on FreeBSD. Raster and vector images are edited with GIMP and Inkscape respectively.