About me

Rachel Michaela is a computer scientist, hacker, and systems administrator residing in Lincoln, Nebraska. Born in the United Kingdom, she moved to the United States to pursue her Masters in Computer Science at the School of Computing of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She currently works as the Design Studio Architecture and Engineering Lead at the Jeffrey S Raikes School of Computer Science and Management.

In her role, she is responsible for the development and maintenance of the school's hardware and internal web applications; her role also encompases student mentoring on architectural and implementation issues, managing the department's research program, and assisting with other technical concerns throughout the school.

A professional hacker, she has been programming since she was 15, when she was introduced to the Little Man Computer. She graduated from the Open University with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing & IT. Prior to moving to Nebraska, she had worked as a senior technician as well as a freelance software engineer, combining over a decade of industry experience designing and developing software and enterprise hardware infrastructure.

She is passionate about public service, non-profits, and computer science applications for the betterment of the world - tikkun olam. She channels her enthusiasm into internal advocacy for work and research in this space at the Raikes School. She is an Associate Member of the Free Software Foundation and a Member of the Chartered Institute for IT.

Rachel is an observant Jew, and she views most of her life through the perspective of her faith. She is an avid firearms enthusiast and she maintains a home data center, which she blogs about. To relax, she enjoys driving her truck on country roads with "Country Roads" on the radio.

More information about her career can be found on her résumé. A selection of projects that she has founded or provided noteworthy contributions towards are listed on her projects page. She hosts a blog, where she writes about the many subjects that interest her, and she maintains a personal biography and selection of essays and long-form thoughts at masada.